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Tree flowers

Tree Flowers (and fruits) 

Tree flowers are often overlooked because they may be individually small or a bit different structurally from typical wildflowers. But seen up close, and visited over the course of a growing season, interesting details of plant reproduction become evident. There is variety among the different types of tree flowers. Many, because they are wind pollinated, are minute and inconspicuous. Others are showy, relying on insect vectors.

There is also variation in the way flowers are distributed with respect to the sexuality of the plants. Individual trees might produce only male or female flowers but not both (i.e., the species is dioecious); both unisexual flower types may be found on the same tree (monoecious), or; each flowers may combine both male and female parts ("perfect" or hermaphroditic flowers). 

Follow the links below for photo essays about individual tree species.

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big chill