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Dirty trees 

(stuff that falls off trees, but isn't leaves) 

"Dirty trees" is a derisive term used sometimes to describe trees that become a nuisance because they drop  stuff onto the ground. Not just leaves, but all kinds of things --young and mature fruits, flowers, bark, and even bud scales --can get trees into trouble! But like people, the ones that aren't the always the neatest turn out to be most interesting! The tree debris that comes to rest on our lawns, streets, and parking lots can be like the pages of a botany book.  

Follow the links below for photo essays of some dirty trees.

sycamore etc. honey-locust etc. honey-locust

crabapple et al.
"Dirty trees" might be a nuisance at times, but that's a small price to pay for the fascinating glimpse they provide into the world of plant adaptations. Carbon sequestration is good too!